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Baosteel Metals Awarded 2018 “Golden Prize of Financing Planning”for Assets and Equity Transactions [ 2019-04-02 ]

 Recently, Baosteel Metals was awarded 2018 “golden prize of financing planning” for assets and equity transactions by Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange.


Last year, Baosteel Metals actively responded to call of the nation for “deepening SOE reform” and strategic guidelines of China Baowu to “speed up the boosting of mixed ownership”, one step ahead to set a precedent, adjusted measures according to enterprise actual situations, and actively implemented “mixed ownership reform project of Shanghai Baosteel Gases Co., Ltd.”. This project was conducted by transferring control power and introducing outside strategic investors to achieve objectives of optimizing equity structure and capital allocation, stimulating enterprise vitality, and improve corporate governance. 


Mixed ownership reform project of Baosteel Gases had received great support and attention from sides of Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange, etc.. Relative sides of project had through communications in several rounds, analysis with discretion and in-depth research, tailor-made transaction counter-parties meeting actual demands with compliance and rationality. Finally, this project not only realized values of state-owned capital and allocation of resources with market orientation and high efficiency, and also realized fine economic benefits and social effects.    


It was acknowledged, the success of control power transfer through Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange of this project was a classic case among mixed ownership reform projects of assets and equity transactions in 2018. Therefore, Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange specially awarded “golden prize of financing planning” to Baosteel Metals.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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