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Comprehensive Construction of No.3 Blast Furnace System Project of Zhanjiang Steel [ 2019-04-02 ]

 On the morning of March 29, with the announcement by Chen Derong, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee of Baowu, of the start of the project, six piling machines roared on the construction site of Zhanjiang Steel Base of Baosteel, opening the prelude of the comprehensive construction of No.3 Blast Furnace system project of Zhanjiang Steel.

Ma Xingrui, deputy secretary and governor of Guangdong Province, Zhang Hu, deputy governor of Guangdong Province and secretary-general of provincial government, Zheng Renhao, Secretary of Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee and director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress, Jiang Jianjun, deputy secretary and mayor of Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, Zou Jixin, deputy general manager of Baosteel, Secretary of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Party Committee, Chairman Sheng Genghong, and relevant departments of Guangdong Province and Zhanjiang City. Leaders, representatives of Customs, Maritime, Border Inspection, Project Participants, Cooperative Enterprises, etc. witnessed the start-up of the project of Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System.

In order to further improve the overall competitiveness of Zhanjiang Steel, respond to the structural reform requirements of the national supply side, actively promote the layout optimization and structural adjustment of the iron and steel industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industries, and promote the high-quality development of regional economy, Zhanjiang Steel plans to build the "Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System Project". The preliminary preparatory work of the project began in January 2018, the procedures of capacity replacement and project filing were completed in September 2018, the energy saving review was completed in December 2018, and the environmental impact assessment approval was completed in February 2019. The preliminary preparatory work of the project has been completed in an all-round way, and the construction conditions have been met.

On the basis of fully utilizing the reserved facilities of the No. 1 and No. 2 blast furnaces, proper expansion of sintering machines, coke ovens, blast furnaces, converters, continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and corresponding auxiliary facilities is planned for the ignition and commissioning of No. 3 blast furnace in July 2021. After the completion of the project, 4.02 million tons of hot metal, 3.6 million tons of molten steel, 4.5 million tons of hot-rolled products and 1.66 million tons of cold-rolled products were added annually. Zhanjiang Steel will form 12.25 million tons of hot metal, 12.528 million tons of molten steel and 10.81 million tons of steel.

。Focusing on the goal of "practicing smart manufacturing and cleaner production; leading technological innovation and product development; creating higher efficiency and better benefits", the construction of No.3 Blast Furnace System project adheres to the principle of "simplicity, high efficiency, low cost and high quality" and adheres to the new development concept, with the characteristics of "high strength, high efficiency, stability, intelligence and green", and from the high-end differential system. Construction of equipment and technical capabilities in manufacturing, low-cost green production, whole process quality assurance and whole process customer service will further enhance the market supply and profitability of hot-rolled ultra-high strength steel, super surface steel, cold-rolled ultra-high strength steel, automobile plate and other products; more than 150 advanced environmental protection technologies will be designed and adopted in accordance with the new ultra-low emission standards of the whole process to minimize raw fuel and raw materials. Material and various resources consumption, the production process of iron and steel waste resources, reuse, create the most advanced, most efficient, most competitive green steel plant, become the future leader of iron and steel.

In his speech, representatives of design, equipment manufacturing, construction and other participating units congratulated Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System on the start of the project. They expressed that they should carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, unity and hard work, carefully organize, strictly manage, and build first-class projects with high standards and high requirements. Zou Jixin thanked the Party committees at Guangdong and Zhanjiang municipalities, the government and relevant functional departments for their strong support and strong guarantee for the construction of Zhanjiang  Steel Project. He said that the Zhanjiang Steel Project embodies the trust, dedication and perseverance of both enterprises and land. As a representative, Baowu and Guangdong Province of China will open a new chapter of cooperation between enterprises and land. He asked the participating units of design, equipment, construction and suppliers to continue to carry forward the traditional friendship that accompanied the growth, to continue to share the joys and sorrows of entrepreneurship, to uphold the spirit of craftsmen in big countries, and to build the project into a safety project, a clean project and a quality project that can withstand the test of history. He hoped that Zhanjiang Steel would continue to promote the building of Baowu DreamWorks in China, do a good job in the construction of N0.3 Blast Furnaces system and the layout of new production capacity, practice green production and intelligent manufacturing, grow into an important part of the iron and steel ecosphere, and build the world's most efficient green carbon steel production base. At the same time, we should build a model project for the integration of enterprises and land, and make greater contributions to promoting the construction of a new regional development pattern of "one core, one belt and one area" in Guangdong Province and serving the important development of the coastal economic zone in Zhanjiang.

Zheng Renhao, on behalf of Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and 8.4 million Zhanjiang people, warmly congratulated Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System Project on its start. He said that the Zhanjiang Steel Project is an important project of structural reform on the supply side of the national iron and steel industry. After several years of construction and development, it has become a gold card for Zhanjiang's industrial development and a benchmark for domestic green modern iron and steel enterprises. The construction of No.3 Blast Furnace system project marks another solid step for Zhanjiang Steel Base to build a world-class green carbon steel base with high efficiency. It is the duty-bound responsibility of Zhanjiang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to serve and guarantee the construction of key projects. We will spare no effort to do a good job of service guarantee, for the smooth construction of the project, completion and commissioning of a good "nanny" and "security".

At present, the project of No3. Blast Furnace system of Zhanjiang Steel Company has basically completed the research work of the project, and the preliminary design, procurement, bidding and other work are being carried out in an all-round way.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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