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Centralized Contract Signing for Main Process Equipment of Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System [ 2019-04-02 ]

 In the afternoon of March 28, Zhanjiang Steel held the centralized signing contract ceremony of Main Process Equipment of Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System, symbolizing that No.3 blast furnace project has officially entered the stage of equipment design and manufacturing and engineering construction.

Zhanjiang Steel’s No.1 and No.2 blast furnace systems were respectively put into production in September 2015 and July 2016, and realized the fastest record from putting into production to reaching the annual “4 targets”, which created “Zhanjiang Steel speed”, “Zhanjiang Steel efficiency” and “Zhanjiang Steel profitability”m and won the respect of industrial peers at home and abroad.

In this signing ceremony, totally 20 projects including import, local production and co-manufacture are signed, covering the main and auxiliary equipment and facilities of iron-making, steel-making, hot-rolling and cold-rolling projects. President of Baosteel Ltd. Equipment & Materials Purchase Center Tian Guobing signed the contracts with each supplier respectively on behalf of Zhanjiang Steel. Zhanjiang Steel also signed long-term strategic cooperation agreement of hot-rolling technologies with SMS Group, and Primetals Technologies Germany Gmbh respectively.

SMS Group,Primetals Technologies Germany Gmbh、Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. And other suppliers thanked the trust of Zhanjiang Steel in their speech, they pledged that they will enhance the guarantee capacity for product schedule, quality and service in an all-round way, and execute the contract with higher standard and stricter requirements, go all out, strengthen cooperation, and build the project into a premium product project that cans stand the test of history.

Zhanjiang Steel said, led by China Baowu’s “one-base five-element” strategic planning, it will continue to carry forward the concept of “simplicity, high efficiency, low cost and high quality”, and walk in the front rank of high quality development of steel industry. Most of the suppliers for this centralized signing have participated in Zhanjiang Steel’s No.1 and No.2 blast furnace system construction, after the construction of Zhanjiang Steel’s No.1 and No.2 blast furnace system, they have rich and mature cooperation experiences. Zhanjiang Steel wished that each signing supplier can rapidly establish high-level design and contract execution team, complete the design of each stage as scheduled or ahead of schedule, to ensure the construction schedule of each project; carefully summarizes the experiences and lessons learned from the execution of Zhanjiang Steel Phase 1 projects, maintains the state-of-the-artness, completeness and reliability of process equipment, delivers the equipment in “complete and ready” status; both parties will further realize communication and coordination of high efficiency and high quality, strengthen the support to engineering projects, and build the project into a prototype project of high quality, high efficiency and intelligent operation.

Nearly 70 representatives from 16 suppliers at home and abroad including Zhanjiang Steel, Baosteel Ltd. Equipment & Material Purchase Center, SMS Group, China First Heavy Industries (known as CFHI) attended the signing ceremony.  

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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