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Baosteel Gained two Awards in the Third International World Steel Association of "Steelies" Award [ 2012-11-13 ]

Recently, the forty-sixth International World Steel Association, as well as the third Steelies prize presentation, was held in India. The two projects Baosteel declared: LCA excellent case and thermal state blast furnace slag for direct operation mineral wool technology was awarded the life cycle assessment leader award and sustainable development report achievement award respectively.

Aiming at the most influential work or activities in steel industry of the year, the international steel association steelies is held the third time this year with seven awards for each year. The voting was nominated by members of the International Steel Association to each committee, and finally selected by each expert group.

Since 2003, Baosteel took the lead to develop steel products LCA research. With years of development and improvement for LCA model, they have completed various kinds of LCA products results like: hot rolling plate, cold rolling plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel, and stainless steel. In recently years , by the issue of environmental statement, green purchaseing, ecological design, etc, they actively promoted the application and dissemination of LCA in downstream industry. They also led to compile the nation standard LCA for steel products technical specifications, continuing pushing LCA standardization in China steel industry.

To speed up the implementation of environmental management strategy and key environmental technology industrialization application, Basoteel started to research and develop the blast furnace slag direct operation mineral wool key technology since 2001. Basing on the research of blast furnace basic physical properties, they ensured the blast furnace electric smelting concurrent heating technical proposal. According to the mineral wool operating requirements, they designed a series of blast furnace slag mineral wool technical formula, completing the blowing and centrifugal jilt silk industrial test. Combined with fiber samples of physical property test, water resistant, acid resistant, and alkali resistant durability test, they supplied important data for industrial production according to the qualified mineral wool sample by optimizing the best formula.

Further more, combining with the practice of modernized blast furnace, Baosteel conquered a series of technical difficulties and bottlenecks one after another, such as: blast furnace slag online taking slag, accurately control slag, tempering temperature, control curtains,etc. They researched and developed a whole set of hot melt slag system cotton technology with Baosteel intellectual property, laying a foundation for Baosteel blast furnace slag direct production ore cotton industrialization and commercialization. As blast furnace slag mineral wool adopted the advanced electric smelting technology, it has a good society environmental efficient and popularization and application prospect for its realization of no waste gas dust mission and additive of little coal ash and cullet as tempering material. The application of low-cost, anti-flaming thermal insulation, mineral wool wall in construction, decorating field can reduce the cost of construction thermal insulation engineering, which will save a huge amount of energy consumption for its polularization and usage.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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