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The first outside Shanghai photovoltaic project was launched, as predicted to generate power over 9.75 million KWH in average each year [ 2012-12-05 ]

On the morning of  November 28th , Changzhou held signing ceremony for  the first outside Shanghai  photovoltaic project of Baosteel, Changzhou Xinbei district industry factory building roof photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, winning the national golden sun government award. This is the first roof photovoltaic power generation demonstration project for Baosteel engineering technology group, Baosteel energy company.

With the establishment for more than 2 years, Baosteel energy devoted to supply high efficiency, good quality, and personalized energy conservation service for Baosteel and customers. At present, they have formed the five strategic business, namely, energy management consultancy, complementary energy and heat utilization, high efficient kiln, fluid system energy saving, and building energy saving. Among them, sun energy photovoltaic power generation is the most important development business in building saving.

The signing project is supplied by Baosteel energy and Jiangsu Longchang company for Changzhou Baoling, Changzhou roller, Changzhou metallurgy with roof photovoltaic power station construction service. The project was implemented by contract energy management with system installed capacity of 10 megawatts and 25 years operating period. After putting into the operation, as predicted, it will generate  more than 9.75 million KWH power, saving 3472 tons of standard coal, reducing nearly 8000 tons carbon dioxide emission with a good social and economic benefit. Since the project was the first one in Changzhou, it gained the huge support by the government. At present, Baosteel energy had made carefully project implementation plan for fully preparation of the further construction and future equipment operation and maintenance.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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